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Website pricing:

Your businesses website is your most important marketing tool in the 21st Century. Websites are now the first contact your prospects have with you in most cases. If it’s not it will be the second; because your prospects will go there to check you out. 

Here’s the good news: you can have a website that’s just as good as your wealthiest competitors, with well written sales scripts (Copywriting) that will sell what you’re selling like crazy!!

So what’s your website worth? If your bounce rate as it’s called is terrible, meaning people look at your site for a few seconds and their gone, you won’t be in business for very long. Even if you’re running a real snappy radio add and it generates a lot of traffic. It won’t matter if visitors go to your website, look for 5 seconds and leave!

FACT: Your business can’t afford to not have a great website.

  • Your Website is usually the first contact your prospects have 24/7  
  • Your website meets with your prospects for as long as it takes
  • Your websites responsible for making the sale in most cases 
  • Your website doesn’t take a long coffee break or vacations 

There’s a minimum of $1500.00 for building a website…


You’ll also get these great benefits Free…

  • You’ll Get Free: one year of hosting…
  • You’ll Get Free: Google Maps Installed…
  • You’ll Get Free: stock photos for your website…
  • You’ll Get Free: SEO on every page of your new website…

You Don’t need a Website!

You need a website that sells what you’re selling!

You need a great 21st Century Showroom!

You need a Seven North website now!

If these are the kind of results your business needs, contact Bob Lewis at 727.894.4810 We provide web design services in St Petersburg, Largo, Clearwater and the Tampa Bay area.